The TMH Advantage

The Tailor Made Health Advantage goes beyond better prices and higher quality versus our competitors. The Tailor Made Health Advantage is our constant drive to innovate and improve. When creating Tailor Made Health, we initially looked into ways in which we could make some of our existing products orally bioavailable. This is when we found a combination of two components would help us reach bioavailability. The first component is an enteric coated capsule, an acid resistant capsule which releases the contents of a capsule once it reaches the intestines. This alone is not enough to reach oral bioavailability, but it was a start to what is now Tailor Made Health.

During our continued research, we found a second component that achieved permeability of small molecules for many of our existing products. Using a technology similar to what has helped make large proteins like semaglutide available, we found a technology to make these peptides orally bioavailable. This blend of small molecules is what became our Tailor Made Health Permeability Formulation, which is used to deliver our products to the intestines. With these two components, many products that were previously not orally bioavailable now will be. This breakthrough takes away the need to use some of these advanced formulations as an injectable, offering a more pleasant overall experience with the product.

Tailor Made has long been a leader in healthcare, providing doctors with the highest quality products for their patients and delivering unrivaled results. This helped us become a trusted name in healthcare, but our dedication to continuous research and development is what propelled us to the forefront.

Our unyielding efforts to continue to develop new formulations is what drove us to create a solution for the masses, Tailor Made Health. Tailor Made Health is home to the newest, most bioavailable, and highest quality supplements available on the market. Our products provide solutions beyond the normal scope of nutritional supplements. Tailor Made Health has gone through extensive research and development to be able to provide solutions in anti-aging, muscle repair, sleep, and anxiety relief in the form of bioavailable supplements.

At Tailor Made Health we believe you should only receive the highest quality of product possible, but that doesn't mean it should come at exorbitant prices. We believe in healthcare for all. In the many years we've been in this space, we've maintained that customers shouldn't sacrifice quality for price. 

Tailor Made Health's supplements are always manufactured in the United States, and our facility meets all cGMP standards. It's possible to deliver cGMP quality at affordable prices, something our competitors try to keep quiet. We don't stand for that.

As an example: If you wanted a monthly supply of supplements such as a Daily Multivitamin, DHEA, Omega3, Vitamin D3, and Activated Magnesium you'd have to pay $123/month with Ortho Molecular. 

At Tailor Made Health, you would find the same products, at the same dose and quality for only $74.95/month. The TMH Advantage is clear, and we're only getting started.

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